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Nasty Women Poets: Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse

This timely collection of poems speaks not just to the current political climate and the man who is responsible for its title, but to the stereotypes and expectations women have faced dating back to Eve, and to the long history of women resisting those limitations. The nasty women poets included here talk back to the men who created those limitations …They sing, swear, swagger, and celebrate, and stake claim to life and art on their own terms.

Kate’s poem, Jezebel, appears on page 216

Beyond the Lyric Moment: Poetry Inspired by the Workshops of David St. John

“What this anthology reveals is both the extraordinary depth of talent of these poets as well as their remarkable and compelling stylistic variety. … To be able to see their poems consistently gather into shape and manifest such power and beauty has been what has given me back my belief in alchemy!”

David St. John
National Book Award Finalist (Study for the World’s Body: New and Collected Poems)

Kate is featured in  Salt Covenant on page 99

Women Versed in Myth: Essays on Modern Poets

Throughout history men have prayed to gods and poets have interpreted ancient myths for new audiences. But what about women? With sections on teaching and modern writing, this collection of new essays examines how modern female poets have subverted classical expectations in their reinterpretation of characters from myth, from Persephone and Helen of Troy to Pele of Hawaii and Innana of Sumer.

Kate’s illustrated essay, Ancient Voices: Bringing the Greeks to Life for Students K-12, appears on pages 148-159

50/50: Poems and Translations by Womxn Over Fifty

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”

Muriel Rukeyser

Immerse yourself in an intersectional collection of poetry and translation featuring the indispensable work of fifty women over 50. Prepare for your world to split open.

Kate is featured in To Bluebeard on page 101 and Lilith Utters Ineffable Names on page 102

In the Words of Womyn International Anthology

“This collection marks six years of womyn gathering in circles to give sound to our story and volume to our voice through In the Words of Womyn International. This anthology is an expression of who we are and who we are not; it is a catharsis, a rite, a celebration, a ritual.”

Jenuine Poettess
Founder, ITWOW International

Kate is featured in Opus Alchymicum on page 55

Sports! Sports! Sports! A Poetry Collection

Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins

It’s poetry in motion, presenting a poet’s eye view of athletics. From scoring the winning goal to watching it all from the sidelines, the world of sports is celebrated in these dynamic, easy-to-read verses. Featuring the finest authors and illustrators, Harper Collins Publishers I Can Read Books introduce children to the joy of reading independently.

Kate’s poem, Patch Lesson, appears on pages 42-43

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