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Author. Poet. Lover of all things ancient.

Exploring Greek mythology through poetry, story telling and the art of the mask.

My Books, so far…

Arachne Speaks

In this epic adaptation of a famous Greek myth, poet Kate Hovey elegantly retells the story of Arachne, classical literature’s most famous weaver. Hovey’s lyrical verse and Blair Drawson’s stunning artwork together create a timeless rendering of the ancient confrontation between the headstrong Arachne and the powerful Athena, patron goddess of weaving.

Voices of the Trojan War

Through passionate verse and evocative images, Kate Hovey crafts an exquisite rendition of the events surrounding the legendary ten-year long Trojan War. In listening to the voices and stories of those ancient Greeks and Trojans who struggled, fought, lost, and won, readers everywhere will be deeply moved and will come to a profound appreciation of the delicate nature of humanity and the futility of war.

Ancient Voices

In this innovative and spellbinding collection of poems, the gods of Mount Olympus, the sea, the underworlds and the forest come alive with their unique and powerful voices. Beautifully realized in Kate Hovey’s mesmerizing poetry and Murray Kimber’s stunning illustrations, these twenty-three poems illuminate the personalities of the gods and the humor and pathos of their stories.

Home Thicker Than Water

Works in Progress

From Kate’s YA novel to her poetry collection, picture book and historical romance-in-progress, every manuscript described here has a toehold in the ancient world. We’re talking old — REALLY old: Precambrian stones telling tales, a Mesopotamian high-priestess setting the record straight, the take-down of Alexander the Great by a sixteen-year-old assassin straight out of a Sanskrit fable, Greek gods and goddesses talking smack and taking names.

Current Stuff

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Bringing the Greeks to Life

As a Visiting Author in the Schools, I have been given the rare opportunity to share my love of poetry, Greek mythology and the art of the mask across the country with students of all ages. In my lively presentations they learn firsthand what it was like to hear poetry in the ancient world, and some even get to strut their stuff onstage in the Ultimate Greek Goddess Smackdown, the beauty contest that ended up causing the Trojan War. Great tongue-in-cheek fun with one goal in mind: to bring the gods, goddesses and heroes of ancient Greece to life for a new generation.

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Voice of the Mask

Did you know that mask-making is the world’s oldest artform? That’s right — over 20,000 years old! I love making masks, and I also love writing poems in ‘the voice of the mask,’ AKA persona poems. Persona: an ancient word (Latin, to be exact) that literally means ‘mask.’ Many poems in my collections for young readers are written in that voice, because, well, didn’t we, when we were in, say, middle school, constantly adopt new personae — try on different masks — in an attempt to define ourselves and our relationship to the world? A late bloomer, I’m still doing it.

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Back to the Beginning

Feminazi — the latest F word. The question for me, both as a writer and old-school feminist: how did we get here? How, amid the rise of the #MeToo movement, did a man who famously described his opponent as a “nasty woman” and bragged openly on tape about his own prosecutable sexual misdeeds become Commander-in-Chief, garnering 53% of white female votes? As a lover of all things ancient, my search for any answer leads me inevitably in one direction: back to the beginning. You can’t go any farther back than Adam and Eve. Or can you?

News & Updates

I Wonder if Hillary Is Drinking as Much as I Am Right Now

I Wonder if Hillary Is Drinking as Much as I Am Right Now

The Democratic National Convention is in full swing and I cannot bear to watch it. I love Michelle Obama, and I’m sure she gave a great opening speech, but most of the line-up is so problematic I find myself reaching for a second glass of Coppola Claret before the coverage even begins.

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George Floyd, the COVID Crisis and Selma, Alabama

George Floyd, the COVID Crisis and Selma, Alabama

The brutal caught-on-tape murder of George Floyd sparked protests around the world. In the midst of the current global pandemic staggering numbers have risked their lives in the call for justice. “This,” as one expert put it, “is our Selma Moment.” How do we make that moment count?

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