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Ancient Voices

In this innovative and spellbinding collection of poems, the gods of Mount Olympus, the sea, the underworlds and the forest come alive with their unique and powerful voices. Beautifully realized in Kate Hovey’s mesmerizing poetry and Murray Kimber’s stunning illustrations, these twenty-three poems illuminate the personalities of the gods and the humor and pathos of their stories.

Voices of the Trojan War

Through passionate verse and evocative images, Kate Hovey crafts an exquisite rendition of the events surrounding the legendary ten-year long Trojan War. In listening to the voices and stories of those ancient Greeks and Trojans who struggled, fought, lost, and won, readers everywhere will be deeply moved and will come to a profound appreciation of the delicate nature of humanity and the futility of war.

Arachne Speaks

In this epic adaptation of a famous Greek myth, poet Kate Hovey elegantly retells the story of Arachne, classical literature’s most famous weaver. Hovey’s lyrical verse and Blair Drawson’s stunning artwork together create a timeless rendering of the ancient confrontation between the headstrong Arachne and the powerful Athena, patron goddess of weaving.

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